Donated Hats

Knit hats

I finally sat down and woven in ends on a whole slew of hats over the last couple weeks, pulling out many of the remaining hats from my last rounds of donations. cashmere knit hats

Simple cashmere hats made from recycled cashmere yarn left over from other projects. knit hats

Simple textured hats- the blue is in one of my favorite yarns, Shepherd’s Wool Worsted. It’s a beautifully soft yarn that really shows off texture and cables wonderfully. wrist warmers

Fringed wool scarf Midnightsky Fibers

A fringed wool scarf, made from fabric similar to lightweight dress pants. I made it extra wide, ala a blanket scarf. Green Handknit hats

Question: how many hats can you get out of a skein on Eco +? Answer: 6, if you use the last bit up with some other leftovers for stipes. (4-5 if I had done longer fold up brims)

PS- those brown hats below? Also Shepherd’s Wool Worsted.

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